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Shree jagannatha is as old as the Time and beyond. He is the creator of the Universe. He is all Pervading like ether. He is here, there and everywhere. He is Omniscient, Omnipotent, Unknowable and Unfathomable. To conceive Him by the mortal human being is rather like a ridiculous chapter. Yet, we strive to surrender before Him, before His Greatness and magnanimity.
He is the presiding God of the state, Odisha. All Odias look at Him as their friend, guardian and relative.
It is our bounden duty to chant His greatness and take it to mass at large for their benefit. With this mission Shree Jagannath Sankruti Parisad was born in 2008 in Bhubaneswar. It is one of the thousands of organisations which are dedicated to serve the cause of the Lord for salvation of the mortal being. Our organisation is unique for it is striving hard to popularise its culture basing on Scripture i.e the Skanda Purana ( Utkala Khanda)- Sri Purusottam Kshetra Mahatmya and also publishing books in Odia, English, Hindi and Bengali. Books in other languages like Telugu & Tamil are on the anvil.

People in India and around the world know Sri Rama through the Ramayan and Shri Krishna through the Bhagabat.But they did not know the scripture of Lord Jagannatha till 2012.Our association with the Gajapati, Puri at last established the Skand Purana(Utkal Khanda)-Sri Purusottam Khetra Mahatmya written by Maharsi Vyasadev as the Scripture of Lord Jagannatha.Shree Mandir Prasasan in association with Pundits of Puri and different organisations like ours solely dedicated to Lord Jagannatha under Supervisor of Sri Dibyasingh Dev,Gajapati Puri & Sri Nischalanand Saraswati ,the Sankaracharya of Puri, established the Skand Purana(Utkal Khand)-Sri Purusottam Khetra Mahatyma as the scripture of Lord Jagannatha.It has 3863 Sloks written in Sanskrit.

News Letter

Shree jagannath Sanskruti Parishad a Regd N.G.O has started publishing its monthly bulletin both in Odia & Hindi. This News letter contains regular articles on Shree Mandir, Shree khetra & Shree Jagannatha.Sri Jagannatha finds its place there.


Member List

The Organisation “ Shree Jagannath Sanskruti Parisad ” has a long list of members. Theirs names,address,telephone numbers and date of birth are detailed below.All of them have dedicated their life to Lord Jagannatha. They organise various events on Lord jagannatha Katha Mruta, Namacharan etc .



2018 04 Feb

124th Jagannatha Kathamruta.

Shree Rameswar Mandir(Near Biju Pattnaik college) Bhubaneswar
6:30 pm


We seek donation for publishing books on Sri Jagannath in Odia,Bengali,Hindi,Telgu,Tamil.Malayalam,Kannada,English etc
  • Publishing books on Sri Jagannatha in Odia,Bengali,Hindi,Telgu,Tamil,Malayalam,Kannada,English etc.
  • Organise discourse in remote places.
  • Organise children camps for enabling children to know the Lord basics on scripture.